Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers (under $50)

Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers (under $50)

"Stocking stuffer" is in the eye of the beholder: Any of these finds can be the main event.

Detox Drops 

Transform boring water in an antioxidant-rich powerhouse drink that de-bloats and promotes healthy digestion. Optimize your body and mind by detoxing, reducing inflammation in the body, and easing stress levels so you can show up as the best version of yourself. 

Oil Based Lubricant 

Designed to to enhance. 

Restful Sleep Pillow Mist

Add this to the nice list. Expertly blended essential oils prized for their soothing qualities and is designed to evoke sensations of comfort, calm, and cleanliness. Meet your best sleep yet. 

Nightcap Sleep Gummies

A revolutionary sleep aid that is scientifically backed to help improve your sleep and reset internal rhythms. Not your average gummy. 

Nourish + Amplify Longwearing Mascara 

Okay huge disclaimer - I LOVE Plume - they have completely revolutionized clean eye makeup. They spent six years developing this ground-breaking, first of its kind, clean mascara so that you can achieve long, full, glam-looking lashes the moment you apply it. The results speak for themselves.



Facial Cupping Kit

Put your best face forward. Literally. Facial cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice focused on sculpting and depuffing the face, plus it's great for reducing any facial tension!


Mushroom Body Salve

Use anywhere on the body that needs deep nourishment, more moisture and extra love.


Hemp Infused Body Oil

Whether you use it for sports massage, intimate massage, foreplay, or going all the way

Adaptogen Stress Support

5 organic adaptogenic herbs that ease stress on the mind and body—chaga, reishi, cordyceips, ashwagandha, astragalus.


Daily Glow Facial Dry Brush

Dry Brushing for your face? Genius. Activate your lymphatic system and rid your face of any puffiness or dead skin cells. 


Manuka Essential Oil

A wonderful addition to any skincare shelfie. This special oil is freshly distilled for every few weeks, in small batches, on a beautiful and remote island in New Zealand which sets it apart from any other Mānuka Oil on the market. A powerhouse at diminishing any burns or cuts when a you add a couple drops to your daily facial serum/oil. 

Lumin Firm + Brighten Eye Serum

With a gentle blend of the microalgae Astaxanthin, green coffee, and chamomile blue, using Lumin regularly will result in a smoother and brighter skin tone. Congratulations, you made the nice list. 

Yuzu Santal Aluminum-Free Deodorant 

POV: You and your crew smell oh so good, without a single harmful ingredient to be found. Monks is our new obsession, and should be yours too. 

Nourish + Define Refillable Brow Pencil

Naturally increases the thickness and density of brows while adding all-day definition and color to your best feature. Comes with 1 extra refill. 

Cardamom + Grapefruit Nontoxic Roller Parfum

Designed with travel and convenience in mind. Nontoxic of course, just the way we like it. 

Hot Tub: Immunity Boosting Bath Treatment

In a time where health means everything, we keep reaching for this soak that treats body aches and pains, decongests chest and sinuses, and improves circulation and thermoregulation. 


Glow Manifesto Cubes

The Glow Manifesto Cubes offer a dynamic cryotherapy facial treatment full of potent, scientifically charged ingredients that reveal your skin’s true potential. 


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