Gift Guide: Hostess With The Mostess

Gift Guide: Hostess With The Mostess

Our 2022 guide for the modern hostess who has it all. 


Hydrating Hand Sanitizing Serum

Packed with antioxidants to hydrate your skin, as well as cleanse. A thoughtful aesthetic to compliment & enhance your evening that your guests will appreciate.








Black Spruce + Fir Balsam Incense

Transport you to a serene winter forest in rural Japan with this handmade charcoal infused incense to to bring your home an effortless aromatherapy experience.

Below is the vibe this incense gives me.


Lunar Incense Holder

In perfect company with Black Spruce + Fir Balsam Incense. This incense holder is made of solid brass and is the perfect piece for any incense; it has a small and a large hold to accommodate various sizes. Plus it looks good in your home!


Raw Manuka Honey 300+

Name a sweeter gift, we'll wait. The perfect gift choice for your health nut friend to incorporate into their daily lifestyle for proactive health benefits and immune support for the whole family.


Sandalwood Candle

Feels like: a warm cup of tea on a chilly day in the cabin. Say less. 


Rinascita Delle Olive Replenishing Balm

A host/hostess loves to be spoiled too. If you haven't tried this yet, then you simply must add it to your wish list. I'm not sure how I ever lived without it, but this balm has become my skincare BFF. Crafted from their heritage farm in Sicily, this balm delivers a double dose of hydration with nutrient rich botanicals to visibly repair and restore, especially in the dry, wintery months.


 Liquid Hand Wash

Pure, natural hand soap crafted using a 300-year-old method and a recipe updated to incorporate food-grade organic oils to keep your skin clean, balanced, and healthy.

Forever Fan Adaptogenic Bulk Bag 

A tasty blend of 5 organic adaptogenic herbs that ease stress on the mind and body—chaga, reishi, cordyceps, ashwagandha, and astragalus. The perfect holiday nightcap does exist. 

Mandarin + Rosemary Leaf Body Cream

This effortless cream will leave your skin looking healthy, firm and more even-toned. Revitalize your skin and senses with the refreshing scent of Mandarin and Rosemary.

Super Matcha

This matcha supports your body while making you feel nourished thanks to powerful superfoods like moringa, maca, and spirulina It’s the perfect way to start your day. We love it so matcha. 



She's back for the holidays! Get our best selling book before it's gone for good. The perfect addition to any coffee table. 

Raw Manuka Honey 1000+ MGO

The perfect gift to elevate any apothecary cabinet.

Restful Sleep Pillow Mist

Sleep is underrated, get the best night of beauty sleep with this calming enhancement. Warning: will fall asleep fast!

Adaptogen Balance

Take daily to support and steady the tides of daily life or use in a momentary swell of stress.

Cedarwood Essential Oil Incense

Grounding and strengthening. Clears and purifies, putting you at ease in your own skin. The ultimate cozy vibe. 

Rose Quartz Eye Mask

Immediately diminishes any signs of dirty martinis from the night before. 

Prickly Pear Seed Oil

A superhero when it comes to supercharging your skin and combating dry winter skin. This exotic facial oil is sure to impress. 

Fig Candle 

The perfect luxurious addition to any space. 

Turkey Tail Immunity Mushroom Tincture

Turkey Tail is the most widely researched functional mushroom, most renowned for its deep immune support along with its function as a prebiotic for the microbiome. Any hostess will love having this on hand during the holiday season. 

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