Our vision for See New, from the very beginning has been far more than skincare. We designed See New with a phrase in mind, See New Perspective, See New Confidence, and See New Reality. You see, we view skincare and self-care as a vehicle to create a more positive reality for all of us. 

        When you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, we want you to see what is really there…. your true natural beauty. We believe skincare is an amazing way to discover and accentuate this natural beauty that lies in all of us and we hope when you see this in yourself it will change your whole perspective on life and bring you an amazing new perspective! 

Hi I’m Bryn, this is Austin, we started See New! 

We met at the end of 2017 while attending college and both not only quickly fell in love, but we also realized we have a passion for a more holistic approach to beauty & wellness. Something that seemed so taboo amongst our peers and throughout all of society.



As we get into Spring 2021 (how crazy is that [ahhh]!), we really want to work on being better about getting our voice out there. Sharing our passions in this amazing beauty space and continue pushing self-care and a holistic way of wellness to be the norm.

We have so many amazing things planned for See New in 2021 and we can’t wait to take you on the ride! One of the additions will be a blog and we realized we haven't really properly introduced ourselves on here yet, so we asked you guys on IG what questions you had for us. 

Welcome to our first blog and thank you for the questions!

Q: What inspired you to create your brand?

A: We were inspired by both a love for the beauty space and treating ourselves through ritual. Austin and I both value a personal ritual to get us through the day and we both love exploring new products and routines that can continue to shape and evolve the way we love ourselves. 

The idea quickly turned into a reality and we launched in November of 2018. The pieces that built See New were all of the things that we hoped to find in another brand. We value business as a way to share love with the world and every single See New box that is sent out has so much detail and love poured into it. 

We love hearing how you like the products and even about products you maybe didn’t like so much. See New is all about self evolution and we’re so happy to share this journey with you everyday!

Q: What norm is your business breaking?

When building See New we had several big goals that we push for every single day. 

  1. We feel that the world constantly berates us with what “sexy” is, what “beauty” is supposed to look like, what we “should do” to be beautiful, etc., there needed to be a different voice. A voice that focused on accentuating the beauty we have right now. A voice that lifts us up and makes us feel unique. We absolutely love skincare because it works to accentuate who we really are. 
  2. We felt that there was not a good way to experience new products and also truly tell how they will work for us. Let’s be real, a sample doesn’t tell you how a product will work for you after one use. So, we wanted to create a cost effective way to explore the wonderful world of clean natural skincare. From all over the world and from brands that you may or may not have heard of. 
  3. Our passion for creating a better society. We believe business should be a driver of change and a tool to help empower those around us in all different ways. Throughout our two years, we’ve worked closely with Dress for Success Denver as a charitable partner. We have also worked on campaigns with Red Cross Australia (during the horrible wildfires) and The Pride Foundation. 

We’re honored getting to work with such fantastic organizations and we have some amazing announcements coming this year so stay tuned! 

  1. See New was set up as a platform for female founded business’ and we have been able to work with some incredible brands and people. We have taken a very different approach to how we work with these companies and we have been blessed to feature such amazing products and collections from awe inspiring brands that we then get to share with you:) 

Q: What do you have in store for See New?

Short answer? SO much. I get giddy just thinking about what 2021 has in store and I know you’ll love everything! 

We have some amazing brands coming up and we know you won’t want to miss them! We are dedicated to ensuring that as we grow, the box maintains the same level of quality and the personal touches. Instead of growing out of the quality, the box will soon become more exclusive and a waitlist will be needed soon (so don’t wait)! The box will also be adding some customizability (more to come on this)!

We will also be adding a beautifully curated store on our site by Bryn & Austin full of home, beauty, wellness items that all of our subscribers will have access to ;) We can’t say too much more…but this is something we have poured our hearts into and cannot wait to continue sharing more self love with you! 

Q: Advice for other young entrepreneurs?

Make mistakes & make them OFTEN. This is how you learn and even though it’s not fun, be solution oriented and you’ll find that you’re grateful for the mistakes as they will take you further! (it’s all in the mindset and how you look at it)

Create strong routines and habits that continue to challenge you and push you to grow. 

Business is an emotional roller coaster and the challenges will continue coming and things can always go wrong or have unexpected outcomes. This means that it’s important to keep a level head and remember that you aren’t given a problem that you can’t solve no matter how difficult. You CAN do it! 

Q: Favorite morning routine tips?

Bryn: A big positive from 2020 for me was learning how to slow down, take my morning in and really set my day. Understanding the power that little actions have, such as, writing even one line in my journal, reading just one page, doing just one exercise, etc… This is always how I start my mornings! That one action step you take today will turn into miles before you know it! And a little coffee too please :)

Austin: I love making sure I get both movement and time to be still in the mornings! My mornings start early and I always start with ice water with lemon and ginger (my secret is that the glass has to be frosted). After this I start  with yoga (just 10-15 minutes), breath work with Wim Hof (this is one that I won’t compromise on), and reading. I try to keep my mornings very organized and once I finish reading I set my goals for the day and begin! 

Thank you all for stopping by for our first intro, we will be posting new blogs weekly! We hope this blog becomes an amazing meeting place for this community to continue discovering more about brands that are featured in your box, how to use these products (tips and tricks), and how to use them effectively. We will also get into ways to further your self-care ritual through habits, conscious choices, and ingredients! 

Please like, share, and subscribe and introduce yourself below! We would love to get the opportunity to know you and can’t wait for you to join us next week!


Bryn & Austin


I’m looking forward to my first box.

Beauty is skin deep. Cosmetics tend cloud our natural beauty. I’m excited by the offerings of the July/August box and am hopeful future boxes continue to focus on skin care.

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I love being subscribed this box!!! I have sensitive skin so I hope you guys keep up the fabulous work and finding products I love!! I hope this subscription will grow into a community too. So far I have one online friend who also receives this box and we talk about it :)

I LOVED the Honua box!

You both are so inspiring! Keep shining bright! I ❤️ See New Skin care subscription boxes! It’s always put together so nice! Xoxo

You guys do such an amazing job! I seriously have fallen in love with everything you guys have sent especially the last two boxes. I can tell so much thought is put into each box you send out! For future blog posts it would be interesting to know how you choose brands and also maybe feature other brand founders? Loved this!

My favorite subscription box. I love that we get to try multiple products from the same brand. It really helps me to learn more about the brand and how their products work together. One of my favorite products iI was introduced to is the Scentuals Radiance Facial Serum. Can’t wait to see all that 2021 brings.

I have had this since January 2020. This is the only subscription that I have and I am constantly recommending it. I enjoy this so much and am truly amazed at what I receive. Also the pink face mask that I bought last year is my favorite and I wish that I would have bought more. Thank you for this great company.

This is really cool! I love to feel engaged with my subscription boxes and I REALLY love when there are educational bits about self-care or skincare / beauty in general. I have loved how you highlight ingredients sometimes on your insta for instance. I just hope in the future you do keep in mind us folks with sensitive and highly reactive skin. I was bummed to find out a recent cleanser had coconut oil in it (and I’m sure you guys know that’s highly comedogenic) so I haven’t been able to use it because coconut oil is terrible for my skin. With that being said, I think you guys do a FANTASTIC job with this box in general and I’m very happy my sister and I found out about it.

Wow how cool to see the faces behind the brand! What a lovely company you two have created

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