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What's between you and your best skin?

What's between you and your best skin?

Sometimes it feels like there are so many different things that can be causing added stress to our skin. We’re all used to hearing the typical culprits like dairy, hormones, & stress. 
Today, I want to focus not only on the sneaky culprits, but instead look at the small tips and tricks that we can all implement and start today!



  1. The pillowcase.

We already know the skin isn’t too happy with unwashed pillowcases. But, how often do you think about the actual material? 

Since cotton pillowcases are so absorbent, they can strip your skin’s natural oils. Besides dehydrating your skin, your pillowcase will also consume a buildup of product…often going unwashed. 

 Try a silk or satin pillowcase for your ideal night of beauty sleep. Silk pillowcases are a huge added benefit for acne prone skin, as tossing & turning all night can actually create friction between your skin and ultimately leave your skin inflamed. 

A great budget friendly one is “J Jimoo Natural Silk Pillowcase” on Amazon, thank me later! (we have no affiliation). 


  1. The Cleanse 

How easy is it, to go through the motions at the end of the day with our cleanser? When we do this, we can leave makeup residue, air pollutants, and dirt. I know I’m guilty of this after a long day!

Now, there are a couple of easy things to change, depending on what works best for you!

  1. Double cleanse - this is my go to! On days when you are wearing foundation, this is crucial! When I introduced double cleansing into my routine, it made the biggest difference in seeing the effect from other products. Think of your skin like a canvas. A clean canvas allows for your active ingredients to be of better use. 
  2. Cleanse INTENTIONALLY - If you don’t think it would be best for your skin to double cleanse. What I suggest is simply taking the moment you do cleanse to be more intentional with the detail and truly cleaning your beautiful natural face! It’s so easy to drift off and be in auto-pilot but this can even be a great intentional time to yourself (even just a couple of moments!).

Do what feels right for you, but this can help even with getting better results from your moisturizer and serums that you already use!


  1. Lack of sleep

Beauty rest is a real thing. This one is huge and I know you might be thinking duh…. Of course everyone knows this! Don't underestimate the wonders it can do for your skin though. Sleep is such a powerful time to reset and plays a huge factor in your skin health. Sleep deprivation can affect your collagen growth, dehydrated skin & texture. 


  1. Dehydration

This is such a crucial one, there will definitely be a focused blog post on this topic in the future!

But, how easy is it for you to go hours and hours without water throughout the day? I still catch myself doing it! Being chronically dehydrated is a real thing and so prevalent that often times we just subconsciously adapt.

Water works wonders for you and it is the easiest thing to overlook. So, these are the habits I formed to help me get out of my constant dehydration and maybe these will work for you! 

  1. Make drinking water an enjoyable time - Hot tip: put your glass in the freezer for a couple min! and/or add lemon + ginger + mint to ice cubes! (so so refreshing and something to look forward to:) 
  2. Along with this, really take a moment to be present when you drink water. Water has such a massive impact on our daily life (after all, we are 70% water) and if you feel how your body reacts to this intake you can help yourself make it a ritual.

 After a day where I consciously hydrate, my skin is more clear, my skin tends to look more moisturized, and the skin around my eyes is tighter. 


  1. Perfume & PH levels

A love/hate relationship. Ever purchased a perfume because it smelled good in the store? Then, later you put it on and it really doesn't have that same elegant effect you hoped it would?

Fragrance will perform differently depending on your pH levels. Since everyone is different, some perfumes can actually be a hidden culprit of redness, irritation, or hives. My suggestion? Look for a great perfume that is pH balanced! 


These are a few of the small things, where even in just making the smallest changes, I have seen huge results in my skin health and overall wellbeing. 

I would love to know what are the small everyday self love rituals you do, that make the biggest difference in your life! 


might need to try that pillowcase! what a helpful article, thank you!

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