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Behind The Brand: RAIN ORGANICA

Behind The Brand: RAIN ORGANICA

Guided by her holistic lifestyle, accompanied with her passion to simplify her routine with quality ingredients, Brandy Searcy was fueled to start Rain Organica.

We had such an amazing time getting to discuss and learn more with Brandy and hope you love learning more as well!


When did you fall in love with a more holistic approach to skincare?

In my teens and early 20s,  I struggled with acne, trying every weapon in Western medicine's arsenal in my war against it.  Finally, in the middle of a course of Accutane, I got so freaked out by a few of the side effects that I stopped mid-course and decided to stop treating my skin (and my body) like a battleground.  I literally turned a 180 in a day and the journey to find the best skincare products (i.e. multifunctional products with an amazing ingredients list), which led to making my own. 

What do you wish more people knew about your brand?

Most people don't realize just how much thought has been poured into every product offered by Rain Organica.  Extensive research on each ingredient, how it's sourced, & how it works with your skin is just the start of product development.  Some of the products offered on the site were in the development phase for about 3 years to allow for product testing among friends and family, stability testing, and other testing recommended by the FDA.

A secret about Rain Organica no one knows?

Not even Rain Organica's newsletter subscribers know about this yet... Rain Organica is releasing a few limited release body care products in May and June 2021 based on nature's rhythms and incorporating phases of the moon into the product itself.  It's the first dive into body care, & this line celebrates bringing nature indoors.

What’s a favorite resource for someone who is interested in a more holistic lifestyle?

Nature is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to live a more holistic lifestyle.  If you're able to step outside every day... even if it's just enough time to take in a few deep breaths, you'll likely enjoy nature's ability to ground, re-center, and bring your focus into the present moment.  Yes, this seems so simple, and it is, but, that's the thing about wholly living... simplicity creates space for mindfulness.

Favorite Rain Organica pro tip?

Skincare really can be simple.  You can start with three basic products: a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer.

Limiting the number of steps in your routine just helps you cut down on overwhelm, helps you save money (& live more sustainably) by using less products, keeps your counter space clear, and most importantly, gives you control over your skincare.

If your skin asks for more, whether that's extra oil, extra protection, extra brightening,... you can choose which parts of your face get that extra treatment by selecting a mix-in product.  Those mix-ins empower you to fully customize your routine, intuitively mixing them into your moisturizer to treat just those parts of your face and neck that need the extra support.


We hope you loved learning more about Brandy and the amazing brand that Rain Organica is! What was your favorite thing to learn? Comment below and as always please share this post if you benefited and gained some knowledge! 


WoW! My skin immediately thanked me for using this skincare line! It’s a must have in my routine! Sharing with others now…

Very intriguing… nice to know about the founders behind each brand! I have loved her mask, excited about the body products!

So interestng!

Loved reading about the Founder of the brands you feature!! Great job See New! Looking forward to more…

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