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Beauty Tips For Humid Weather

Beauty Tips For Humid Weather

As most of you know, we just settled in to our new home, Texas! We moved our business from Colorado to Texas late April, and have been absolutely loving it. I’ve altered my daily routine to make sure my skin is thriving in this weather.

Sunny weather, tanned skin, fresh farmers markets, and late summer nights. Really, what else could you want? Even though spring/summer means all these amazing things, there’s no denying that the hot and humid weather can wreak havoc on our skin, and leave us with a melted face of makeup. Not a good look. Thank goodness there are a few tips and tricks up our sleeves for thriving in this humidity. Let's get into it. 



Hot weather conditions outside will be completely different for your skin. You might have to lighten up on serums, and day creams to avoid clogging your pores. I like mixing a small amount of whichever facial oil I’m using ( Soothe at the moment - featured in This Month's Box )with a couple drops of water to give a lighter effect that doesn’t overwhelm my skin in the heat. 

Double cleansing has always been an important aspect of my routine, especially now. The right facial cleanser that will help you to clean the clogged pores and will restore hydration as well. Don’t forget to cleanse at the end of the day too, to rid of any sweat or extra oil. 


Stay hydrated!

The best thing you can do for your body and your skin during the hotter months is staying hydrated. This will help with hair frizz and over-oily skin.


Less is more

Remember that Less Makeup is Always More, Especially in the Summer.

Thick makeup application during humidity is never a good idea – you leave the house feeling like a million dollars, and the second you step outside…all your hard work becomes a greasy mess. Trade in the full coverage foundation for an oil-free tinted moisturizer, or show off your naked face! Enjoy giving your skin a vacation.



Your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells every 30 days to make room for new cells to grow. But sometimes, dead cells don't shed completely and this is when the need for a good scrub comes into the picture. Since your pores will tend to clog faster under humid conditions, you must clean your skin pores on time and help them to breathe.


Switch out your lippies!

Heavy cream or matte lipsticks have no place in the hot sun. Spring/Summer is about keeping it light and that also goes for what you wear on your lips. Lip whips are an amazing summer alternative to lipstick. It gives the perfect color, feels weightless, and lasts longer than lipstick. Try Kari Gran Lip Whip or Ipsum Lip Oil Balm.


Massage stressed areas

In the heat, the body is more prone to water retention. This is why some parts of the body, such as legs or feet, tend to swell. In the evening, massage the affected areas. 

Lymphatic massage can be one of the most beneficial rituals, no matter what weather you’re in. 


Keep facial mists near

If your skin is in need of a quick perk up, here’s a pro tip you need to adopt: use a refreshing facial mist (Calming & Toning is what I am currently using) for a huge dose of nourishing hydration. It’s filled with Lemon Balm which is incredibly calming for the skin, and reduces any irritation. 


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