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5 Skincare Products I Would Never Buy.

5 Skincare Products I Would Never Buy.

5 skincare products I would never buy.


1. Alcohol-based Face wipes 

These do not clean your face. This is the #1 thing I get on my friends about. You are essentially just moving around dirt/grime/makeup. These are emergency only. If you have access to clean water, there is no emergency. They’re also horrible for the environment. If you take away anything from this blog post, please let this be it. We're looking at you Neutrogena Wipes.

What to buy instead:

Maude Wipes are excellent, they are designed to keep your skin’s pH levels in balance, instead of stripping. Our favorite cleanser on the go? Aster Raine’s microbiome cleanser is the perfect size for any travel!


2. Foaming face washes containing SLS

SLS stands for sodium lauryl sulphate or more specifically, anything that describes itself as giving you “squeaky clean” skin. No part of your body should ever squeak. These products are drying. We always recommend staying away from foaming face washes, especially if you have sensitive skin.

What to buy instead:

Cleansing balms are your skins bff. They’re great in the AM, and PM. Specifically single cleanse in the morning, double cleanse at night (let me know if you want my full routine). If you are on the more lubricated side, don’t be nervous of trying out a cleansing oil/balm! They will not make you more oily. Their oil content attracts the oil and debris sitting on your skin similar to a magnet, so they can be an effective way to lift away and dissolve stubborn makeup or sunscreen or anything else sitting on top of your face. Plus, unlike some types of cleansers that can be stripping or harsh, cleansing oils will help protect your skin's natural pH and protective barrier and maintain ample hydration


3. OGX Shampoo

12 yr old Bryn would be shocked I’m writing this right now. I loved this Johnson & Johnson owned brand as a teenager, and sadly fell for their “natural” marketing tactics. A majority of their ingredients are sadly not ideal for any hair types. Their publicized lawsuit in 2015 thankfully made people aware of what they were buying.

What to buy instead:

A combo I’ve been LOVING - okay so here is my exact routine, I use TBG Hair Serum the night before I wash my hair. I typically use 4 large drops and massage in until my hair is covered. This has made the largest impact on my overall hair health. For shampoo, my hair loves Pleni Naturals Hair & Body Wash. For the price, it’s unbeatable in the clean hair market. Allyson’s creation will always have a place in my bathroom. Lastly, I use Superzero conditioner bar for my last step in my haircare routine. Haven’t used a shampoo/conditioner bar yet? They last longer and are powered with rich ingredients like avocado oil, caffeine, and peptides to give your hair ultimate strength. 


4. Bath & Body Works 

Many of their products are dyed with artificial colors which are made from petroleum. Similar to food, ingredients such as Red #40, Yellow #5, Blue #1 have been linked to severe skin irritation & cancer. A huge no-no. 

What to buy instead:

Umm Skincare! We’re obsessed. Here’s why: UMM is a luxurious body care brand, rooted in the wisdom of Ayurveda. They take their inspiration from Ayurvedic principles and balance  centuries-old well-renowned body care rituals with a scientific approach. Their collection is designed to provide a luxurious experience to heal, restore, nourish, and improve skin health.


5. Biore pore strips 

Bioré Pore Strips don’t cause capillaries to break, as many beauty enthusiasts believe. They do, however, have the potential to cause tearing, or further irritate already-compromised skin (think: thin, dry, or acne-prone types) when pulled off. This is due to the tacky, sticky nature of the strips, which comes courtesy of Polyquaternium-37: a key ingredient in the Bioré product that’s more commonly found in hairspray. Yuck.

What to buy instead:

Opt for a potent clarifying mask, designed to specifically fight blackheads and minimize pores. It’s made with olive powder and kaolin clay which will leave your skin feeling balanced and rejuvenated. 


What's on your no-buy list?


I enjoyed this article, though was sad to learn about Bath & Body works. I mean, I already knew they didn’t carry quality skincare (that’s why I use the products from my SeeNew Skincare box), but man oh man do I love making my feet smell like Gingerbread Lattes.

That clarifying mask is definitely on my radar now. I’m having so many problems with my nose, it’s just constantly an acne-mess and completely different from any of my other skin.

100% yes to these! I cannot believe OGX they had so much bad press, I also used to use this brand too!. Great post.

this !!!!! every single part of it. also love umm!

Face wipes wrecked my skin! Never again… I learned my lesson the first time.

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